Monitor Clarity 21,5″ Open Frame ( with or w/o touch )

Eurocoin’s own manufacturing in Europe (Germany and Hungary), with international reference panels that allow us to reach the most demanding standards of the industrial market.

Eurocoin’s Clarity monitors offer numerous advantages in the industrial environment. With exceptional image quality and sharp resolution, they provide a clear and accurate display. Their rugged and durable design makes them ideal for demanding industrial environments. The wide range of sizes available makes it possible to adapt to different applications and spaces. In addition, its LED backlight technology offers low power consumption and long life. With advanced features such as vibration resistance and protection against dust and moisture, they ensure reliable performance even under adverse conditions. In summary, Eurocoin’s Clarity monitors stand out for their quality, durability and adaptability in industrial environments.

Download the data sheet here
Clarity-ED21.5-Open-Frame-Display – Data_Sheet


Eurocoin Clarity 21.5 Open Frame Monitor

Download the data sheet here
Clarity-ED21.5-Open-Frame-Display - Data_Sheet

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