Touch 98-1100-0928-3 TES Microtouch 27,63″

The new GEN5 TITO ticket printer is the better, smarter and faster way to connect with customers.

  • Interface: USB machines
  • Speed: printing speed
  • Impressions: Tickets and Coupons
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 Certified

240,00  + IVA

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Touch 98-1100-0928-3 TES Microtouch 27.63" - Surface Capacitive Touch

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27" TES Microtouch touch screen Ref. 98-1100-0344-3. Used in several manufacturers such as Novomatic in its FV-880-V Megclub and FV-881-F roulette terminal furniture. Amatic (Comatel) in its X4000-X3000 Multiline furniture.

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