Solving Note Jams on a JCM Taiko Validator

Article publish date: October 1, 2019 - Article ID: 29157


There are times when a note gets jammed in a Tailko note acceptor. If this occurs too frequently, then you need to look at the possible causes, below, to introduce a solution​


Feed or Pinch roller is spoiled with dirt or is broken.
Feed or Pinch roller spring is missing or loose
Th​ere is any foreign objects​ on the transport path
Faceplate does not match with the bill width
The Bill width is 83mm or larger or 62mm or less. (Out of TAIKO specification)


For the above, these are the resolutions:
Clean the feed or Pinch roller.
Verify the condition of the feed roller spring or the Pinch roller spring by pressing with fingertips and replace it as required
Remove the foreign objects from the transport path and clean
Change the faceplate guide depending on the bill width
Use only the Taiko acceptable sized bills.

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