A rust-dissolving contact cleaner, highly recommended for regenerating corroded, heavily used and dirty contacts. Low contact resistance is restored, ensuring low voltage drop even at the lowest contact pressures.

Download the data sheet here CONTACT CLEANER – Kontakt 60

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  • Dissolves oxides on the contacts, ready to be rinsed with KONTAKT WL. Finally, KONTAKT 61 protects and lubricates the clean contact.
  • Metals, graphite, carbon-based materials, thermoplastics, thermosetting resins, insulators, other materials are not affected
  • A dielectric product that does not facilitate leakage currents
  • Ensures cleanliness whenever it is necessary to clean electrical contacts
  • Removes oxides from all types of metal contacts in electronic, automotive and industrial applications: switches, plug and socket connectors, integrated circuit plugs, fuses, lamp sockets, sliding contacts, etc.

Flash point < 0 °C

Density at 20 °C 0.774 g/cm3

Appearance Transparent red

13,80  + IVA

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Kontakt Chemie
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Eurocoin GEN5 TITO Printer Ticket

  • Interface - Works with existing platforms, server-based machines, and USB
  • Speed: Faster CPU, print speed and client connections
  • Impressions – TITO and promotional tickets and coupons
  • Connectivity : intelligent ticket handling, dual channel communication, jam prevention technology, RS232, NetPlex and USB communication
  • Certifications : ISO 9001, CE certification, RoHS, UL

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  • Print Resources - Template Capacity: 4Mb Graphic Storage 4Mb RAM 8Mb
  • Font scalability: can be independently scaled from 1x to 7x in height and width
  • Interface Communications: 12 Mps USB 2.0 game interface Compatible with GSA GDS IGT USB and traditional RS232 and Netplex protocols Separate USB download port