A universal foam cleaner that can be used in industrial workshops, offices, at home… It cleans quickly without leaving traces and has proven its effectiveness on all types of surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramic and plastic. It is also suitable for fabrics and painted surfaces.

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  • Improves readability on screens by removing: dust, grease, nicotine deposits, finger marks, streaks and smudges
  • Safe and easy to use due to foam formulation
  • Screen stays clean for a long time due to antistatic properties
  • Excellent material compatibility: glass, metals, enamel, etc.
  • Good compatibility with: PVC, ABS, polyamide, acrylic glass, polycarbonate.


  • Glass surfaces on scanners and photocopiers
  • Monitors, glass and coated glass for plasma and LCD screens
  • Screens of cell phones, GPS, tablets, game consoles, etc…

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Eurocoin GEN5 TITO Printer Ticket

  • Interface - Works with existing platforms, server-based machines, and USB
  • Speed: Faster CPU, print speed and client connections
  • Impressions – TITO and promotional tickets and coupons
  • Connectivity : intelligent ticket handling, dual channel communication, jam prevention technology, RS232, NetPlex and USB communication
  • Certifications : ISO 9001, CE certification, RoHS, UL

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  • Print Resources - Template Capacity: 4Mb Graphic Storage 4Mb RAM 8Mb
  • Font scalability: can be independently scaled from 1x to 7x in height and width
  • Interface Communications: 12 Mps USB 2.0 game interface Compatible with GSA GDS IGT USB and traditional RS232 and Netplex protocols Separate USB download port