LUBRICANT – Kontakt 40

The special chemical composition of KONTAKT 40 makes it a highly reliable penetrating, lubricating, water displacing and corrosion protecting oil. It forms a very durable barrier against water and oxygen with its virtually invisible oil film. Excellent spreading power ensures uniform and complete coverage of all parts.

Download the technical datasheet here LUBRICANT – Kontakt 40

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  • Multi-purpose lubricant that protects against electrical and electronic malfunctions caused by water penetration, moisture, condensation or corrosion.
  • Cleans, lubricates, penetrates and removes corrosion
  • Prevents corrosion by displacing moisture
  • Restores low contact resistance and stops moisture induced leakage currents
  • Convenient 360° spray valve can be used in any position
  • Electrical parts (plugs, switches, coils, wires, cables, relays…)
  • Mechanical parts (tools, locks, hinges, nuts and bolts, accessories, …)
  • Leisure (do-it-yourself, garden, ..)

Flash point 78 °C

Density at 20 °C 0.82 g/cm3

Transparent yellow appearance

12,00  + IVA

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Kontakt Chemie
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  • Interface - Works with existing platforms, server-based machines, and USB
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  • Print Resources - Template Capacity: 4Mb Graphic Storage 4Mb RAM 8Mb
  • Font scalability: can be independently scaled from 1x to 7x in height and width
  • Interface Communications: 12 Mps USB 2.0 game interface Compatible with GSA GDS IGT USB and traditional RS232 and Netplex protocols Separate USB download port