Download the data sheet PAYLINK Data Sheet

A quick and easy way to work with payment management peripherals, without any experience with them.

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Download the data sheet PAYLINK Data Sheet

If you have a PC or any type of computer and need to connect it to payment management equipment, such as bill acceptors or recyclers, coin acceptors and hoppers, then you should consider using our Paylink systems. Available as a fully flexible unit with 3 communication channels or if your system only requires one channel, you can consider the Lite version.

In short, a software developer with no experience in paid peripherals can be working with such components in less than a day.

Paylink is not just an interface unit, it is much more than that; it contains a wide range of mature and thoroughly tested protocol drivers, which means it offers unparalleled ease of connectivity for peripherals from a wide range of manufacturers. The Paylink product runs on any computer, it is not limited to PC use. In addition to the full support provided for Windows systems, Paylink is fully compatible and works seamlessly with any system running a Linux distribution, including products such as Raspberry Pi.

Anyway, if you need more details about this product, do not hesitate to contact us.